TTC supports your trading business by providing our professional consultation to cover all your needs from start to finish. We work closely with our clients before importing and/or exporting merchandise in order to prepare for all legal requirements and customs clearance. We will be able to arrange safe transportation for merchandise at low cost which will contribute to your profit in trade and distribution.

At TTC, all the business operations are handled by our hand picked and careful screened outsource professional agencies. There are, of course, many customs brokers, storage companies, delivery companies, as well as recycling manufactures and each have their own specialty. It is not efficient for just one company to handle an entire operation from the difficult customs process to on-time delivery as different types of merchandise require specialists to handle specific needs. For this reason, TTC carefully selects the best partners for each product according to the arrival port in order to avoid difficulties for our clients. It is our mission to provide cost effective solutions for our clients based on our extensive and considerable experience.
Highly trained experts offer accurate business operations.
The best solution for distribution is available. by 3PL utiyize various asset partners.
Providing a stress free environment by acting as an importer & exporter

We promote a recycling-oriented society by employing recyclable resources.