Our company was founded in 1988 in order to provide consultation and total support services for companies trying to negotiate the many hurdles involved in importing commercial products to Japan. As consumers needs change the demand for unique food products is ever increasing. Customs procedures and the necessary paper work are extremely complicated and difficult. The more varieties of products to be imported, the more difficult the customs procedures get, especially for food products as they are categorized very strictly according to the ingredients, types of processing, and many other factors. It can take a very long time to clear customs, which effects inventory, customer demand, and the importer's profitability. TTC has developed skillful and efficient methods to get your product to the market place. As a company engaged in the food distribution industry, while it is our goal to distribute safe products to consumers in Japan, it is our mission as well to offer speedy and accurate assistance in clearing customs for our clients and importers.

Since our founding, our company has many satisfied clients that have helped us achieve steady growth. We at TTC are committed to make every effort to live up to our clients expectations and to satisfy their needs in the field of trading and distribution in a competitive, and professional manner.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving your needs.